Iran’s secret army in Syria

This BBC documentary shows details about a very interesting alliance: the video footage made by an Iranian filmmaker shows the activity of an internal section of Iran’s Revolutionary Forces in Syria. Oficially, the Revolutionary Forces deny such kind of activities. Although this documentary gives an interesting insight into the actual civil war in Syria with its terrible multipolar conflicts. I personally do not trust in the material, because the camara changes very quickly and sometimes it is not clear, where the soldiers are and what they were exactly doing. I find it a little bit confusing. Nevertheless, given that the material shown in the documentary IS true, then we have new data about the local veto players of change in the conflict. Although I would not go so far to claim that the Iranien intervention in favour of the regime has changed the power constellation in the conflict, we can make some new conclusions about the axis of power in the terrible civil war. .. the country has become to the primary battle fields “between the worlds”: on the one side the Assad regime, its Iranien (and Russian?…) supporters and on the other side some of the (many) rebel forces, the USA and its allies and of course, the radical “terrorist” forces coming from outside. This information, of course, doesn’t appear in the documentary. But it is worth seeing it and everybody can make its own conclusions and discuss it. Personally, I wish to get more insight on the basis of interesting documentary material like this one…I would be glad about any kind of information about the ongoing conflict..


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